Balms, Salves, Skin Care and Tattoo Aftercare

Healing Your Body Naturally!

One of the principles of the Hippocratic Oath is, “do no harm” and I believe that extends into the medicines we take and use. I prefer a holistic approach which is very opposite of conventional medicine that prescribe the same medication for similar symptoms and at the same time intoxicating the body by relieving the symptoms on a short time basis. I would rather vote for prevention, natural healing, longevity and respect of the human bodies than relieving symptoms and creating new ones.

With this in mind, I decided to create a skin care line called Sacred Solutions that offers organic Tattoo Aftercare, Skin care products, Hair care and Lip Balms. Using plant medicine, I have been able to create natural and organic treatment for common problems we all come across in life. Using my products, you can heal your new tattoo faster, heal and treat your wounds, moisturize your dry skin and repair your hair, all naturally!

All my products are hand made in small batches with ingredients that are purchased from my local organic markets in Maryland. 

Currently Sacred Solutions products are also available at Roots Hair Salon, Street of Shops, Lewisburg, Pa.,Stay Humble Tattoo (Alex Sabur)tattooer,Baltimore, Md.

All Sacred Solution's products are available on this website, on Etsy and through Baltimore Tattoo Museum  in Maryland-where I tattoo professionally full time. 


The Baltimore Tattoo Museum

1534 Eastern Avenue, Baltimore, Md 21231