Pain Relief Salve

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Pain Relief Salve

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A medicinal salve for achy, sore fatigued muscles, our Pain Relief Salve can be used to help relieve sprains, muscle cramps & aches. 

Sacred Solutions Pain Relief Salve is blended with Olive Oil, Arnica, and Ginger to sooth those sore muscles and aching bones, or in my case, neck, shoulders, arms, and hands! 

Great after a long day of tattooing, hiking, paintball, or whatever makes you say ouch! 

Arnica has been used as herbal liniments and salves for injuries or bruises, and general inflammation that may cause pain. 

For external use on aches, strains, bruises or injuries in which the skin has not been broken. 

This salve was crafted using Ginger, Lavender, Calendula, White Thyme, Cinnamon, St. John's Wort, & Arnica essential oils alongside Comfrey, Chickweed and Turmeric tinctures blended with Apricot Oil and Sesame Seed Oil for maximum absorption & warmth. 

All ingredients I purchase to make these products are USDA certified organic and locally sourced when possible.


Cruelty Free | Non- GMO ingredients | All Natural

Available in .5oz tins and 2oz jars

For external use only

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